Oral Health Workshops to pre-schools, primary schools,
mother & toddler groups and residential/care homes.

∙ A fun and informative look on Oral Hygiene that can be catered to suit all ages.

∙ The aim of the workshops is to heighten awareness of the Importance of good Oral Health.
∙ Teaching children good oral hygiene habits early can lead to a lifetime of healthy smiles.

∙ The workshops vary depending on the age of the group; however, all workshops contain exercises ranging from learning the different parts of the tooth to more dynamic lessons that engage preteen students on why making smart choices can protect their teeth and health.
∙ Hands-on classroom demonstrations.

∙ Helps children from the ages of 4 + to understand the importance of their teeth.

∙ Provides basic information, appropriate to their age and experience, about keeping teeth clean and healthy.


As part of my Oral Health Promotion course with NUIG, I completed a case study on dental decay in children with special healthcare needs.

The purpose of my study was to explore whether parents and caregivers of children with special health care needs have the skills and knowledge to perform adequate oral health care.

It is apparent that dental decay in children with special health care needs has evolved greatly in the last number of years.

I created a training manual that is designed to increase skills & knowledge enabling each person to perform oral hygiene care effectively from the comfort of their own homes.

Participants will have more control over the factors that have affected their lives.

Would you like to meet the Tooth Fairy?

If you would like know more about the workshops and would like to run one in your setting please contact us and we will discuss arrangements with you.